Specialized Transportation & Transloading Equipment for Food & Feed Ingredients

Mitchel Enterprises Corporation is a well-established transporter of feed ingredients. We operate trucks from our northeast Indiana base and have operating authority in 48 states.

MEC offers efficient and effective transportation and transloading of feed ingredients and food grade materials that require specialized equipment. MEC operates a fleet of trucks and transloading equipment including pneumatic trailers, hopper trucks, vacuum trailers, and more.


Kosher & Dry Bulk Transport

MEC maintains a pneumatic fleet of trucks and vacuum trailers for Kosher, Food Grade, and Dry Bulk Transport. Food Grade materials such as flour can be transported and transloaded at our Bluffton, Indiana facility. 

Grain & Feed Transport

MEC transports feed and agricultural products such as grain, wheat, corn, and soybeans, feed ingredients. Our fleet of hopper trucks is ideal for transporting grain to market. 

Agricultural Transportation Services

  • Truck and transportation services, including high cube hopper trailers, dump trailers, walking floor trailers, and pneumatic trailers.
  • Our trucks operate from several bases in northern Indiana, southern Michigan, and central and western Ohio.
  • Rail-to-truck transfer of feed ingredient and agricultural products;
  • Daily rail service through Norfolk Southern Railway;
  • Warehousing of bulk feed ingredients, bulk products, bagged products, and flat storage;
  • Transportation of agricultural products.

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